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What is psychotherapy?
Meeting a certified therapist for therapy has also similar names: psychological counseling, psychotherapy, talking cure, etc. In therapeutic meetings we seek both relief from suffering  and a change based on the understanding of mental processes in different consciousness levels. We also look at the interpersonal relations and the body-soul connections. Clinical psychology is a therapeutic expertise that makes individual and group setting available in an effort to cope with psychic dilemmas and overcome stress, conflict and suffering. Although people prefer to cope with distress alone, or together with close ones, experience shows that often getting professional help prevents superfluous suffering also for relatives. In times of distress and especially after first interviews and starting therapeutic work, a good clinician should decide what the optimal therapeutic indication should be.

What are the indications for optimal therapy?
In spite of our natural tendency for the most comfortable and secure environment for therapy, the solution is not always the easiest or the most pleasant one. Avoiding dealing with problems in a group or getting all the attention for oneself in individual therapy, are seldom the answer to the problem. Usually the 'solution' to the problem will be by a new coping approach in a new environment that is similar to the one in which difficulty started. In general it's our experience that very personal problems will be optimally dealt in an individual therapy and many interpersonal problems are better dealt with in a group analysis. Also couple therapy is sometimes indicated and has better results than either personal or group therapy.

Will confidentiality of the contents be kept? Will the identity of the patients as well as of those who write to this site be kept secret?
Clinical psychologists are required to total confidentiality. A psychotherapist can make public the identity of his patient only with his written permission and his renunciation on medical secrecy. Except few and extreme cases of danger, confidentiality is guaranteed to the therapy seeker as well as to the person writing to this site.