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Dreaming is an act of processing emotional and too threatening feelings. It is the manifest side within an unconscious processing going on constantly. Its function is to work out emotional and burdensome information as well regulating feelings and building relationships.
Among the many important aspects of Dreaming and Dreamtelling, here are some examples:

  • The significant difference between Dreaming and Dreamtelling
  • The difficulty to really understand a dream without understanding the dreamer's relations
  • Wherever there is a listener, there will be Dreamtelling
  • Dreamtelling leads to human development
  • It is very difficult to find or create a dream processing Partnership, but when established, there is the possibility to work-through the dream contents successfully
  • Our Dreaming enables sometimes the processing of dream contents for people near to us. This process is very often reciprocal.
  • A dream is often dreamt in order to be told. The dreamer can either be a "request for containing", i.e. he needs the help of the listener to process the dream contents, or/and he can try to exert influence on the listener